QC, Quezon and Pampanga Classes Open Smoothly

Sir Jerome orients students in Tiaong, Quezon.
Classes opened smoothly on both MCCID Main Campus in Cubao, Quezon City and in Tiaong, Quezon branch last June 14. San Fernando Pampanga Campus opened two weeks later in June 28 due to some difficulty in arranging for special boarding accommodations for students and the preparation of their new computer lab.

Sis Agnetia Naval of LFP explains the program.
A total of 93 students in Cubao Main attended the orientation grouped according to year level while Tiaong, Quezon had 13 students. Twenty six students complete the San Fernando class majority of which came from Pampanga. The rest are from Bulacan, Zambales, Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan. Meeting with the parents of Cubao students was held on July 26.
Sir Lucky explains rules to Pampanga students.

The first day began with the introduction of the school and explanation of rules and policies to all students. Official class started on June 15. Sir Jerome Marzan was tasked to monitor and assist the activities of the branches. His first assignment was to give orientation to the two branches.
A parent explains her experience on having a deaf child.
Tiaong, Quezon Campus was opened in 2009 under MCCID College community based school strategy. The facilities, additional instructors and direct supervision come from Bartimaeus Center for Alternative Learning (Bethsaida, Inc.) headed by Pastor Benjamin Hugo and School Coordinator Loida Alvarez. Additional funding assistance comes from Liliane Foundation Philippines.

City of San Fernando, Pampanga Campus officially opened in 2010. It is also under MCCID’s community based strategy. However, its program is unique because a special project was formed. Dubbed, “Computer Trainers’ Education for the Deaf Project”, the program is completely funded by Liliane Foundation Philippines. All 26 students are considered as scholars and are expected to complete the three-year training in order to become future teachers/trainors for the deaf which will be deployed to various LFP partner organization nationwide. Their mission is to train other deaf in information and communications technology related field.

Innocencio Magtoto Memorial Foundation, Inc. provides for the facilities, additional instructors and direct supervision. Ms. Claire Magtoto, IMMFI Board Member serves as the school director while Ms. Antonita Gomez is the officer assigned by LFP to oversee the program. Incidentally, Ms. Gomez is LFP’s Regional Mediator for Central Luzon Cluster.

Other cluster members include Akapin, Inc. (Bulacan), Archdiocese of IBA (Zambales) and Brothers of Charity (Baguio, Pangasinan). Sir Lucky Paltep, a MCCID graduate, is assigned to Pampanga while Sir Ace Diaz is placed in Tiaong, Quezon.

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