Newly installed roof deck adjacent to the swimming pool

Special Dedication Service for Newly Installed Roof Deck

Ptr. Gideon Umandap gave a special message and offers a dedication prayer to the place.

“God has never stopped giving overflowing graces to us….”

Thus said Ptr. Gideon Umandap as he gave a special message and a dedication prayer of the newly constructed roof deck at the second floor of MCCID College of Technology building last June 16.

Ptr. Gerry Ballesteros opens the dedication service.

Attended by the members of The Bridge Christian Community Church, Ptr. Umandap focused on “Giving, Growing and Glorifying God” by offering the place to serve Him and spread His good news. The school administrators are one of the founding members of the said church.

Roof deck angle taken from the pool side

The 300 square meter roof deck, which is adjacent to the swimming pool, will now be used as special venues for Christian concerts, special ministry services, baptismal services, youth camps and other church activities for an affordable fee.

Empty roof deck with stairs going to 1st floor

Set on a background of green trees and overlooking the Timberland Resort Hotel, visitors can experience the cool and refreshing breeze coming from the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal. The place will also be used for special school activities and even indoor sports events.

This activity is part of the year long 25th Anniversary Celebration of MCCID College of Technology. Starting with the Opening Ceremony of Sports Fest in March, followed by the Awarding Ceremony of Sports Fest and Academic Contest Winners in April and the 16th Commencement Exercises last May 31.

Here is the entire Dedication Prayer Video:

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