Alumni Update: More graduates hired

A good number of last year\’s batch of MCCID graduates were greatly blessed as they gave better than expected performance.

After being accepted for On-the-Job training (OJT), some offices were convinced about the graduates\’ skills. They did not let the deaf finish their training. Instead, they asked them to stay and continue working in their companies.

Among those who were immediately given job opportunities were: Aoi Bacsa – HLURB, Edmond Guzman Jr. – Isabela Capitol Hall, Villaflor Lagasca Jr. – Mandaluyong City Hall, Anthony Paez – Quezon City Hall, Grace Anne Pico – Rotary Club, R. Magsaysay and Kerwin Tamanu – Liliane Foundation. Ma. Ivy Ranola, last year\’s Class Salutatorian was absorbed by MCCID and is now working as an office clerk. The rest of the graduates are undergoing extended rigid corporate training under Nova Foundation. Those who performed well will be selected as candidates for future job placements similar to what they achieved with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Congratulations to all the graduates of Batch 2008! May God continue to bless all of you!

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  • Nino Obado December 12, 2008 at 12:52 am -

    hello Sir JOJO Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be graduated college in MCCID COLLEGE of Technology on may2009 because im very great with you that is good educational in MCCID COLLEGE thats all smile…………… please write a letter in message thank you so much God Blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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