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Learn Sign Language Online

These are the downloadable On-the-job Training Files for Computer Trainors Education for the Deaf.
Training Memorandum
Training Evaluation Form
Trainee Waiver
Letter of Recommendation
Here are the downloadable files for SDEAS Cup 2012 participation of Roi Kristian, Dexter and Jay.
Letter to Parents
Parents Waiver Form
DLS-CSB Official Letter
SDEAS Cup Rules

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  1. […] is a link on his lecture about IT education for the deaf during Philippine School for the Deaf’s centennial celebration where he is also a recipient […]

  2. Joaquim AmadoJanuary 26, 2015


    My mame is Joaquim Amado, am deaf and am from Brazil.

    New group’s World Information Tecnology of the Deaf


    Thanks for your attention

    Best Regards,


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