MCCID launches

After submitting certificates and other documents issued by the Philippine government through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf was able to register the new domain name.

Applying for the domain name requires a school whether a government or privately funded, to be a duly registered educational institution located in the Philippines.

Well-known colleges and universities like the privately funded Dela Salle University ( or public schools like the Philippine Science High School ( use the domain signifying their presence as premiers of education in the Philippines. The Philippine Network Foundation, Inc. a government agency tasked to oversee .ph website registrations was created by the Department of Science and Technology in 1994.

After being online since 1997, the administrators decided to apply for the domain and eventually changed the website address. However, the website will continue to exist as a web portal for the deaf people in the Philippines. In that site, we will feature Deaf PenPals, Books for the Deaf that are for sale, latest news and happenings within the Deaf community, churches for the Deaf, Filipino Deaf entrepreneurs, special announcements related to Deaf activities, seminars and conferences, comprehensive list of deaf organizations in the Philippines, latest technologies for the deaf, Campus life, Deaf chat as well as Deaf success stories. In the meantime, it will temporarily host the four websites created by 3rd year batch 2006 graduating class.

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