Why study at MCCID College?

Why study at MCCID College?

At MCCID we provide:

  • Christian values and proper work ethics for future deaf employees and entrepreneurs;
  • Especially designed curricula and strict training to meet current industry standards;
  • Highly skilled deaf and hearing trainors and instructors, thus promoting deaf empowerment;
  • TESDA and in-school scholarship grants;
  • Latest computer and laboratory facilities as well as current software programs;
  • Why study at MCCID College?

  • Internet advantage using fast DSL connection and individual email addresses using studentname@mccid.edu.ph;
  • Internet Wi-Fi enabled classrooms where students can freely access;
  • Computer Training Manuals and exercises specially designed for the Deaf;
  • Sign language instructions encouraging the use of Filipino Sign Language in classes;
  • Although instructions are in sign language, written language strictly follows the English language;
  • Why study at MCCID College?

  • Guidance and career counseling;
  • Inter-school as well as national IT skills competition training programs;
  • Livelihood and skills seminars and workshops provided by government institutions (TESDA, DOST, NCDA) as well as other private organizations;
  • Guaranteed job placement programs for qualified Deaf graduates and
  • Sports and recreational activities.

To know the summary of our course offerings, mission, vision and achievements, visit our Wikipedia Article.


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  2. […] After 1999, I wasn’t able to update the site because I forgot its login name and password. MCCID bought its own domain name mccidonline.net and transferred all the contents. However in 2003, the school’s domain became mccid.edu.ph in order to make emphasis on it as an educational institution. The school still retains the old domain (mccidonline.net). But it now houses websites designed by our deaf students for free. The school’s official website continues to provide and update a more comprehensive directory of deaf organizations, schools and entrepreneurs in the Philippines. […]

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