Deaf Sensitivity Training

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English, Sign Language
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Deaf Sensitivity Training

About this course

Hello there!!! Welcome to Deaf Sensitivity Training. d/Deaf Poster

Have you ever met a deaf person for the first time and do not know how to communicate with him/her? Or you really like to make friends with them and feel awkward that they may not understand you?

This very brief training helps you understand and become aware of how to deal with deaf people.

Who should learn this?

This short learning activity may interest you because probably:

  • You have a deaf family member or relative with whom you want to understand how they behave;
  • You want to meet and befriend a deaf person;
  • You suddenly became in-love with sign language or need to use sign language in your office or school program;
  • You have an office/workmate who is deaf and you want to know how to interact or supervise him;
  • You are taking up a Special Education Course in college or having a thesis study and you want to learn about deaf and disability;
  • You are a deaf person and want to be respected and understood;
  • You pity them because they look pitiful (sigh)...

Or you may have other reasons aside from the ones enumerated above. But it is hoped that your main purpose is to understand them and respect their uniqueness.

Course Structure

  • Why study this course?
  • Who are the deaf?
  • How did they become deaf?
  • How do we deal with deaf people?
  • What are the issues and problems faced by deaf people?
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