Frequently Asked Questions for our Online Courses

Here are the things that you might ask about our online courses?

  1. Are the courses offered here for FREE?
    As of the moment, only the Deaf Sensitivity Training Course is free. The rest are paid courses. But we will be adding new courses in the future that will be offered for free or free for limited modules (freemium).
  2. What are the payment options that you offer?
    Please go to the link below to view various ways to pay for our courses.
  3. Do you offer installment payments?
    Currently, we only accept full payments.
  4. Can you teach me first before I pay? Can I have a trial learning first?
    Sorry. You can only start your online program after we received and verified your payment. However, for our freemium courses, you can access a few modules before you can go to the paid ones.
  5. After I enroll, is there a time limit on the availability of the course that I enrolled in?
    There is no time limit for the free courses. But as for the online tutorials, you need to follow the assigned schedules.
  6. Do you give me a certificate after I completed the course?
    Yes, we do. For the Deaf Sensitivity Course, the certificate can be immediately available for download after you completed the course. As for the other courses, we need to make further validation before we send you the certificate.
  7. Do you give certificates even if I failed the assessment examinations?
    As for the Free Deaf Sensitivity Training Course, you can take the quizzes and exams as long as you want in order to pass. But for the other courses, we will explain the options on how you can complete the course.
  8. Do you only offer online courses for the deaf and sign language?
    Since we are a school for the deaf, it is but natural for us to offer courses that are related to deaf people. However, sign language and deaf sensitivity courses are designed specifically for people who can hear yet desire to understand and wants to communicate with those who cannot hear.
    In the future, we want to expand our list of online courses that would cater to those who are not deaf.
  9. Are the private details that I enter here secure?
    We won’t be asking anything from you except your name, email address, and gender. To know more, please view our Privacy Policies here.
  10. What is MCCID? How long have you been offering online courses?
    Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf has been was established in 1993. It has ventured online in 1997. However, it only started its online courses in 2018. To know more about us,

For questions not included here, please click on Contact Us. You may also message us thru Facebook Messenger.