Updated November 13, 2009

This a list of institutions and agencies in the Philippines that have official websites. Some sites here are designed by MCCID students as part of their practicum/thesis to complete their course. Three sites were designed by MCCID alumni. If your company or agency is involved with helping the deaf and want to be listed here, feel free to email us at info@mccid.edu.ph.

Also, if you don’t have your own website and want us to do it for you for FREE, then please inform us. We would be very glad to design it for you.

  1. Angels Institute of Learning – Located in Mandaluyong City, AIL provides pre-school up to grade level programs for hearing impaired.
    Website: http://www.angelsinstituteoflearning.com
  2. Bible Institute for the Deaf – BID offers kindergarten to high school programs as well as college course in Theology for future deaf pastors.
    Website: http://www.agbid.org (Web Page designed by MCCID Alumnus Glenn Ortega)
  3. Bohol Deaf Academy – BDA is a private, Christian, residential high school for the Deaf located in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Established in 2005, they are accredited as an outstanding school by the Philippine Department of Education. Our curriculum includes both standard high school coursework and extensive vocational training subjects.
    Website: http://boholdeafacademy.ideadeaf.org
  4. CAP College School for the Deaf – As a pioneer in college education for the deaf in the Philippines, CAP SFD offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and two year program in Associate in Information Technology.
    Website: http://www.capcow.com/capcow_section.php?page=30
  5. DLS-College of St. Benilde – CSB offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Deaf Studies major in Entrepreneurship, Business, Education and Multimedia Arts in partnership with Nippon Foundation and National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
    Website: http://www.dls-csb.edu.ph
  6. International Deaf Education Association Philippines – IDEA envisions a society in which the Deaf in the Philippines enjoy social and economic equality, exchanging isolation for community, servitude for self-reliance. Their mission is to foster self-reliance by providing academic, vocational, physical, spiritual, and economic opportunities for deaf children, adults, and families.
    Website: http://www.ideadeaf.org
  7. Isabela School for the Deaf – ISD offers preparatory up to elementary program for the deaf in Ilagan, Isabela.
    Website: http://b.1asphost.com/isabelasfd (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  8. Laguna Christian Colleges for the Deaf – Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation, Inc. ( DEAF, INC.), formerly LCCD is a non-profit organization that focuses on the education of hearing-impaired Filipinos, DEAF, INC. aims to help spread the goodness of Jesus Christ to the hearing-impaired communities of the Philippines and Asia.
    Website: http://www.mccidonline.net/deafinc (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  9. La Salle University Ozamiz Deaf School – This is a blog site of LSU Ozamiz Deaf School. They offer full program for the deaf from kinder to high school.
    Website: http://lsudeafschool.blogspot.com/
  10. Philippine Christian Fellowship for the Disabled Center – PCFFD is located in San Rafael, Bulacan. They offer special education program including hearing impaired, physical therapy and occupational therapy programs, sponsorship program and livelihood projects.
    Website: http://www.pcffd.org (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  11. Philippine Institute for the Deaf – As an oral school, PID offers an elementary program for the deaf as well as speech rehabilitation, teaching the deaf to speak.
    Website: http://info.com.ph/~semfi/
  12. School for the Deaf in Iligan Foundation, Inc. – The School For The Deaf In Iligan was begun by Carl and Charina Haynes because of a need they saw for education of the deaf in Charina’s home town of Iligan City, the former capital of Lanao Del Norte.
    Website: http://www.sdifi.org
  13. Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf – Established in 1974, SAID is the first and only school for the deaf that is guided by the principle of TOTAL COMMUNICATION. It offers complete pre-elementary, elementary and secondary courses and a mainstreamed college program at Miriam College.
    Website: http://www.mccidonline.net/said (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  14. The Birthright Educators Foundation, Inc. – The school provides early intervention individualized instruction, phonetic reading program for children with difficulties in reading, highly structured learning environment, sight reading program and pre-vocational training.
    Website: http://www.birthrighteducators.org/
  1. Manuel Luis Quezon University – Located in Quiapo, Manila, MLQU offers Master in Arts major in Special Education program.
    Website: http://www.mlqu.edu.ph/grad.html
  2. Philippine Normal University – Located in Taft Avenue, Manila, PNU offers graduate program in special education major in hearing impaired.
    Website: http://www.pnu.edu.ph/CED_LIST_OF_ACADEMIC_PROGRAMS.php
  1. Abilympics Philippines – This organization is in collaboration with the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). It aims to coordinate with various agencies to produce participants to compete in the International Abilympics ( IA).
    Website: http://www.mccidonline.net/abilympicsphil (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  2. Catholic Ministry to the Deaf People – CMDP offers support program for abused deaf as well as scholarship and spiritual development.
    Website: http://www.cathmindeaf.org
  3. Deaf Community Development of Paete, Inc. – The DCDPI was established last February 27, 2005 by twelve Deaf individuals and Hard of Hearing who agree to form a group who will lead in making a productive deaf community. It was registered under Security Exchange Commission last March 30, 2005. DCDPI became an organization with an aim of uplifting the status of the deaf along the Baybay municipalities in Laguna and Metro Manila.
    Website: http://www.geocities.com/dcdpi
  4. Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf – DEAF, Inc. is the first official and only formal organization of the Deaf in Negros Oriental which aims to cater to the socio-cultural needs of the Deaf in the province, and is a member of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf, the largest governing body of all Deaf organizations in the country.
    Website: http://www.effatadeaf.org
  5. Filipino Deaf Visual Art Group – This group is composed of deaf artists and enthusiasts. They hold painting exhibits as well as compete in major Philippine and international painting contests.
    Website: http://b.1asphost.com/fdvag (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  6. House With No Steps Foundation – The Fundation delivers welfare and auxiliary service to its clients including the deaf in the form of housing, scholarship grants, medical welfare, food production, research and publication, skills training, livelihood, counseling and placement programs.
    Website: http://hwnsfi.org (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  7. Internacional Teatro Silencio Filipinas – Formerly called Teatro Silencio Pilipino, this group has been holding dance and theater performances all over the world.
    Website: http://b.1asphost.com/itsf (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  8. Link Center for the Deaf – This is a service-oriented organization that provides support programs and promotes awareness of deaf children to the mainstream of society.
    Website: http://www.linkcenterforthedeaf.org/
  9. Liliane Foundation, Philippines – This Netherland based foundation addresses the needs of disabled people through direct assistance and providing basic facilities.
    Website: http://www.lilianefoundationphil.org (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  10. Listen to Happiness Speech Therapy Center – Learning speech and language in hard of hearing children can be achieved through effective listening. We always wish our students to leave our clinic filled with happiness after each session. Listen to Happiness Speech Therapy Center is where we spread the goodness of listening and share the happiness to hearing impaired children.
    Website: http://www.listentohappiness.com
  11. My Children’s House of Hope (Bahay Bata 127) – The project of My Children’s House of Hope is to provide interactive learning tutorials and remedial education to 80 mother-and-deaf-child pairs coming from Payatas, a depressed, urban-poor community the majority of whose residents make a living scavenging from the garbage.
    Website: http://www.mychildrenshouseofhope.org (Web Page designed by MCCID Alumnus James Christomar Santos)
  12. Nova Foundation for the Differently Abled, Inc. – Nova provides career training and employment to persons with disabilities most especially the deaf. Their mission is to promote the full participation, total access, economic and social integration of persons with disabilities, and to enhance the lives of those they touch by assisting them identify and reach their career goals.
    Website: http://www.novafoundation.ph (Web Page designed by MCCID Alumnus Gimar Aguillon)
  13. Philippine Deaf Life and Sports Club – PDLSC provides sports venue and activities for post secondary schools for the deaf within Metro Manila.
    Website: http://www.phildeaf.org
  14. Philippine Sports Federation of the Deaf – The Phil-Sports Federation of the Deaf or PSFD is the sports federation of the Filipino Deaf that caters different sports related activities in national and international levels. Our federation is a wing section of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf, also a recognized full member of two international sports organizations: the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), and Asia-Pacific Deaf Sports Confederation (APDSC).
    Website: http://www.psfd-ph.org
  15. Philippine Deaf Resource Center – PDRC fields of focus include sign language linguistics and interpreting, employment and livelihood, education, media and technology, health, policy and legislation, and Deaf culture and the arts.
    Website: http://www.phildeafres.org
  16. Philippine Federation of the Deaf – PFD is an umbrella organization of all major associations for the deaf in the Philippines. Their current work includes compiling of Filipino Sign Language.
    Website: http://b.1asphost.com/philfeddeaf (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  17. Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay – This is the Official Website of Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay Sta. Mesa District. Their recent program includes job fair for persons with disabilities.
    Website: http://www.rcmagsaysay.org (Web Page designed by MCCID Alumna Grace Anne Pico)
  18. Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center – STAC’s goal is to help people who can’t afford to sustain their children to have free PT and OT treatment especially to the indigent ones.
    Website: http://www.mccidonline.net/stac (Web Page designed by MCCID students)
  19. Welcome Home Foundation, Inc. – Welcome Home Foundation, Inc. was born from the dream of a few people who had a vision of a home where differently-abled children would live together as a family and have the opportunity to go to special education schools here in Bacolod City. Principally, it is a home for children who are hearing-impaired and live outside the city. The residence also serves as a center where all the Deaf can meet together.
    Website: http://www.welcomehomefoundation-ph.org
  1. DRCB Photography – DRCB Photography Services was established in 1996 by Dennis Rhoneil Corpuz Balan, a Deaf person who has won numerous awards and citations in the fields of photography and the performing Arts. DRCB Photography Services offers you a variety of photography packages and video services of great quality at very reasonable price.
    Website: http://www.drcbphotography.com
  2. Fotosezion Digital Photography – This company is established by Emil Zion V. Punzalan. They specialize in digital printing of ID cards, tarpaulins/sineage/posters, portraits, class pictures, photo albums, weddings, etc. He can even do web designing for you.
    Website: http://www.fotoseszion.com (Web Page designed by MCCID Alumnus Emil Zion Punzalan)
  3. M.G.L.Q. Deaf Tour Assistance, Philippines – M.G.L.Q. Deaf Tour Assistance, Philippines is a tourism related agency headed by Ma. Gilda Quintua (MCCID alumna). The company is engaged in tour related assistance and voluntary activities managed by travel enthusiasts and dynamic young Deaf Filipinos who are proud of the beauty of our country’s 7,107 islands.
    Website: http://www.deaftourassistance.com
  4. Rom Arts – Rommel Lo is a Filipino deaf painter, is a member of the Deaf Effata Association of the Deaf, Inc. and exhibit his paintings in Spanish Heritage, Dumaguete City.
    Website: http://www.romarts.effatadeaf.org/
  1. Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf – Located inside the Philippine School for the Deaf compound, PRID is the pioneer in offering sign language programs for hearing individuals.
    Website: http://b.1asphost.com/prideaf (Web Page designed by MCCID Students)
  2. Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment – Formerly Registry of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (RIDE), their mission is to provide quality and accurate sign language interpretation in all transactions involving Deaf persons. They accomplish it by means of training highly effective and capable sign language interpreters that would break the language barrier existing between the Hearing and the Deaf.
    Website: http://www.paidephilippines.org
  1. Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person – This is the personal blog of MCCID College Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr. It lists down special activities, issues and other concerns related to deaf and other disabilities in the Philippines.
    Website: http://deafphilippines.wordpress.com
  2. Theraconcepts – This site is dedicated to all children with special needs, their families, teachers, therapists and friends in the Philippines. They also include contacts of deaf related organizations and self-help groups.
    Website: http://www.theraconcepts.com
  3. Withnews.org – This is a web portal of news and activities related to disabled and poor people as well as organizations in the Philippines and in other Asian countries.
    Website: http://www.withnews.org

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