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This web mail service is offered by MCCID College in collaboration with Google under their Google Apps for Education program. This is given exclusively for FREE to administrators, faculty, staff, students and alumni of MCCID. It uses the format. Advantages of using this web mail includes:

  • Access Anywhere – MCCID Mail can be opened from any Internet ready computers anywhere.
  • Spam Free – All spam mails are placed on the spam folder and will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Highly secure – You can depend on the security of Google, the worlds largest Internet company.
  • 2 Gigabytes of Space – You don’t need to delete mails. It can carry a big amount of emails that you can send, save and receive.
  • Highly reliable – There are no downtime or off service.
  • Very fast – You can depend on the speed of Google service.
  • Common User Interface – If you are familiar with using Google Mail, it will be easy for you to use Web Mail.
  • No limit of use – As long as you follow the rules written below, you can use this web mail account with no limit.

How can I get the free web mail?

If you are a current MCCID student, you are automatically assigned a free email account. Simply tell your computer instructor and he/she can open an account for you by giving you your user name and a simple password.
You can then go to, type your Username and Password. You will then answer some questions on how to set your email account. You can also change your password if you like.
If you are an alumni of MCCID and you want to have your own email account, simply email the school at The school will verify if you really graduated from MCCID. After that, we will send you your username and password.
If you have some questions on how to use this web mail account, simply ask your instructors or email the school.

What are the rules in using Web Mail?

This is the official web mail of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf. You are carrying the name of the school. You must take good care of it.

  1. Illegal business transactions like recruiting for networking, selling items, etc.;
  2. Asking for donations from others without informing the school;
  3. Downloading or sending pornographic (XXX) and destructive messages;
  4. Sending bad messages against the school or its administration and teachers;
  5. Spreading gossips about other students or alumni;

If the school finds out that you violated the rules, it will REMOVE YOUR FREE WEB MAIL ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY.
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