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    Sign Language

    Classroom instructions are in Filipino Sign Language while written communication strictly follows the English grammar.

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    Christian Values

    Bible-based values and Christian work ethics are taught for future deaf employees and entrepreneurs.

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    In-Campus or Online

    Computer and Information Technology as well as sign language courses are offered in campus and soon to be online.

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    World Class

    Deaf students won in local and international skills contests while our programs are recognized worldwide.

Welcome to MCCID College of Technology

Welcome to the official website of Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf College of Technology – 6th Edition. We have been online since 1997. Our main goal is to assist the deaf in getting a better chance to compete for employment, education and other opportunities like every other citizen.


Deaf Students Graduated since 1993


International and Local Deaf IT Champions


Average Student Ratio Per Class


Years Training the Filipino Deaf

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Deaf Sensitivity Training

Why study at MCCID College?

The school aims to deliver an educational training program that is truly responsive to the needs of a greater number of people, based on Christian social values and work ethics. With this in mind, we offer a competitive advantage to deaf learners such as:

MCCID Building Icon

Campus Conducive for Learning

Our San Mateo, Rizal campus sits on a cool 6000 sq.m. rolling hills and is free from pollution and traffic.

Basketball and Swimming Pool Icon

Sports and Recreational Activities

Our sports facilities include full-court sized basketball court, dart, table tennis and a recreational swimming pool.

Wi-fi and Manuals Icon

Deaf-friendly Manuals and Free Wi-Fi

Computer Training Manuals and exercises are especially designed for the deaf. Free wi-fi access are available within campus.

Job Assistance Icon

Job Assistance and Recommendation

Training recommendation and job placement assistance are given to qualified deaf graduates and trainees.

Home Visit Icon

Counseling and Home Visitations

Counseling and home visits have renewed relationships among parents and their deaf child while developing a school and family bond.

Scholarship Grant Icon

Scholarship Grants and Other Supports

Tuition fee scholarship grants are given upon passing the examination. Full scholarship is awarded to high school honorees.

Dormitory Icon

Dorm Board and Lodging Facilities

Special dormitory facilities for board and lodging with free wi-fi access can be availed by students from the provinces.

Pre-employment Preparation Icon

Pre-employment and On-the-Job Preparation

Students are assisted to acquire important government documents as well as other records needed for future job application.

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