Now Has a New Look Now Has a New Look Now Has a New Look, the first official domain name address of MCCID is now redesigned and repurposed.

Purchased on August 31, 2000. the site has been used to promote web accessibility in the Philippines. The logo of two hands with middle fingers aligning each other is the Filipino Sign Language for Internet or contact using the Internet. But now, the site is exclusively dedicated as a repository of websites and to showcase the creative designs of then graduating MCCID students from 2005 to 2009.

Due to limited hosting capacity back then, the majority of the sites were removed two years after it was launched by the student groups. But now that the sites were officially hosted by which provides unlimited webspace, MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa and Ervin Reyes decided to recover the old sites and upload them here.

A total of 20 HTML hardcoded websites are now hosted here. These are:

For 2005:

  1. Assembly of God – Bible Institute for the Deaf  [Lead Designer: Aldrin Gabriel]
  2. Filipino Deaf Visual Arts Group [Lead Designer: Ma. Luisa Balilla]
  3. Internacional Teatro Silencio Foundation [Lead Designer: Neria Barnigo]
  4. Isabela School for the Deaf [Lead Designer: Wilfredo Corpuz III]
  5. Philippine Federation of the Deaf [Lead Designer: Rona Mae Delos Reyes]

For 2006:

  1. Abilympics Philippines [Lead Designer: Jaycel Tano]
  2. Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation [Lead Designer: Nonito Visagar Jr]
  3. SouthEast Asian Institute for the Deaf [Lead Designer: Dianne Barcelona]
  4. Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center [Lead Designer: Daryll Pineda]

For 2007:

  1. Abilympics Japan [Competitor: Glenn Ortega]

For 2008:

  1. Capitol City Baptist Church Deaf Ministry [Lead Designer: Edmond Guzman]
  2. Liliane Foundation Philippines [Lead Designer: Kerwin Tamanu]
  3. House With No Steps Foundation [Lead Designer: Pia Joy Matias]
  4. National Federation of Cooperatives for Persons With Disabilities [Lead Designer: Anthony Lopez]
  5. Philippine Christian Fellowship for the Disabled [Lead Designer: Christopher Calderon]
  6. Pinoy Smile – Peter Ding Basa [Lead Designer: Ma. Ivy Ranola]
  7. Wheelchair and Disabled Foundation of the Philippines [Lead Designer: Aoi Bacsa]

For 2009:

  1. Deaf for Christ Church [Lead Designer: Ace Diaz]
  2. San Lorenzo Ruiz Institute SPED Center [Lead Designer: Jerome Marzan]
  3. Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children [Lead Designer: Mark Sampang]

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