MCCID Alumni now 7 Years at Monde Nissin

MCCID Alumni now 7 Years at Monde Nissin

Seven years after the staff of Monde Nissin Corporation, makers of the famous Lucky Me Noodles, visited MCCID and requests for deaf job applicants, Irene Dagos and Kristel Daine Orteza continue to make the school proud as the first deaf employees of the company.

MCCID Alumni now 7 Years at Monde Nissin
Students pose behind Lucky Me Mural.

During a tour of Batch 2018 class as one of the itinerary in their Office Visit subject in March 23, Irene and Kristel met with the students together with Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr. and Deaf Coordinator Ervin Reyes. They were all excited to meet the two and eager to listen to the experiences that they shared while working in the company.

Kristel advised the graduating class to exercise patience and obedience to the company rules. For her part, Irene emphasized on faithfulness in attendance, promptness and working hard.

When asked about their salaries, both Kristel and Irene were mum about it. However, they revealed that they have already purchased simple properties like land and vehicles for their family as well as continued financial support for their younger siblings.

They also announced that Monde Nissin is again open for new deaf applicants. This time, they have relaxed their requirements by accepting male and regardless of age.

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  1. JejomarJune 13, 2018

    Deaf can not hear. And thats the only thing they can not do. I’m proud to see good employment opportunities for deaf.


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