My Feelings about my fellow Filipino Deaf People

By Sir Jerome Marzan (MCCID Deaf Trainor)

I feel very pity that some deaf people in the Philippines have no work. So I think more deep about why some deaf don’t have work and jobs to other companies and places. It is because some government agencies and other companies are very lack aware, not considering the deaf and discriminating deaf people especially in some provinces. So I want to suggest more to UP Institute of Human Rights Focus Group Discussion about this.

I hope that the government and other companies must open their minds and become more aware about the deaf. They should accept, support and give chance to the deaf. Some deaf people who already have work are now successful and fair with hearing people. I also want the government to accept Filipino Sign Language as the language used by the Filipino Deaf and provide closed captions to all news programs on TV. All of these are our human rights and included in UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Magna Carta for Disabled Persons.