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This “Silent Word” Comic Strip was first published on September 11, 2006 in Manila Bulletin Comics Section. It was created by Dianne Barcelona.

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Filipino Sign Language is the Official Sign Language used by majority of deaf communities in the Philippines

Web Accessibility Book

This “Basic Web Accessibility Guide for Filipinos” book is the first one published by MCCID.
ISBN 978-971-94017-0-4


  • the first and currently the only post-secondary technical institute for the deaf authorized by the Philippine government.[19]
  • the only institute authorized by the government to offer a sign language course in the Philippines.[20]
  • the first institute for the deaf that includes Deaf Culture as part of its curriculum.[21]
  • the first school in the Philippines that published a series of comic strip focusing on deaf persons debuting on September 11, 2005.[22][23]
  • the first institute in the Philippines that is accepted as a member of the Convention of American Instructors for the Deaf (est. 1851) in 1995.[24]
  • the first observer and advocates of Web accessibility among deaf organizations during the Interregional Seminar and Regional Demonstration Workshop on ICT Accessibility attended by delegates from Asia and the Pacific.[25]
  • the first institute that published a book on Web Accessibility entitled “Basic Web Accessibility Guide for Filipinos.[26]
  • the first institute that designed the Filipino Sign Language Font which can be downloaded for free.[27]

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