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Directory of Organizations for the Deaf in the Philippines

Updated: November 28, 2013 Since becoming online in 1997, MCCID maintains a repository of deaf related links, institutions, organizations and businessmen in the Philippines. This is our way of helping Internet users find useful information fast. The directory is grouped according to the following linked categories: SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTERS ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE DEAF DEAF ENTREPRENEURS   NAME ADDRESS/TELEPHONE NUMBER CONTACT PERSON/POSITION II. ASSOCIATIONS/ORGANIZATIONS/CHURCHES OF THE DEAF 1. ANGELIQUE VIZORO DEAF MINISTRY FOUNDATION INC. 2129 Odigal St. Commonwealth, Quezon City/ 09058816928, 09088622431, 09192733108 / Ms. Leonor Vizoro/ Coordinator 2. ARCHDIOCESE OF MANILA OFFICE OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES MINISTRIES 2002 Jesus St., Pandacan, Manila/ 561-2617 Rev. Father Alexander Thomas/ Minister 3. ASSOCIATION OF AGENCIES FOR THE DEAF c/o PSD 2620 FB Harrison St., Pasay City Dr. Yolanda Capulong/ Chairman 4. CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION FOR THE DEAF AND THE BLIND 338 Mabolo St., Villamonte, Bacolod City/ 2-84-46 Judge Abraham Cana/ Chairman 5. CATHOLIC MINISTRY FOR THE DEAF PEOPLE, INC. 15-C Salvador St., Unit G Loyola Hghts., Quezon City/ 433-4339 Dr. Salud Evangelista/ Chairperson 6. CAPITOL CITY BAPTIST CHURCH DEAF MINISTRY 111 West Ave. cor Bulacan St., Quezon City/ 373-2662 Ptr. Julius Andrada 7. CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD Sharon Village, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan…

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