Liliane Foundation Visits MCCID

International agency vows to support students

Liliane Foundation Visits MCCIDLiliane Foundation Visits MCCID
Dutch nationals’ Mr. Steven Berdenis Van Berlekum and Ms. Mia Willems representing Stitching Liliane Fonds visited MCCID last February 29, 2008 as part of their tour of selected Philippine partner agencies nationwide.
Liliane Foundation Visits MCCID

The couple was accompanied by Ms. Maria Teresa “Tess” Dela Cruz, National Correspondent of Liliane Foundation Philippines. They were warmly welcomed by MCCID administrator and faculty led by Sir Remberto Esposa Sr., MCCID Chairman of the Board and Registar Ma’am Remedios Esposa. Sir Jojo showcased MCCID’s mission and vision as well as its past and current accomplishments in a PowerPoint presentation.

For his part, Sir Ervin Reyes also presented his students’ work inside the computer laboratory and explained about the lesson. The group also had a short tour inside classrooms and other school facilities. They were very impressed at despite its meager resources, MCCID was able to accomplish more for the deaf community.

The student-group led by Kerwin Tamanu, are tasked to design the official website of Liliane Foundation Philippines as part of their thesis for completion of subject. He is joined by Haydee Ballesteros and Jefferson Roxas. They are expected to finish the website before their scheduled graduation date this May.

Stitching Liliane Fonds is an international organization based in Netherlands and has affiliates in over 72 countries. Their aim is to provide direct financial, medical, facilities and educational assistance to children from age one to 25 who are suffering from physical disability. MCCID was invited by Liliane Philippines through their National Coordinator Sister Agnetia Naval, to become one of its school/organization partner and is currently processing its membership.

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