We are finally in our new and bigger home

After existing for nearly eighteen years, MCCID has finally found its new and permanent home.
In a Special Dedication Service held last March 29, exactly one year after the first building materials were delivered and laid the foundation, MCCID President Remberto C. Esposa praised God for the abundant blessings He has given to the school. He also thanked and congratulated the workers, administration, faculty, staff and students for supporting and praying for the construction of the new school building.

“For the past eighteen years, we have been dreaming of having our own home. We have been renting our place from Sta. Mesa in Manila to Cubao in Quezon City. We are always at the mercy of building owners. But now, God has answered our prayers by giving us our Israel.”, Sir Esposa exclaimed.

Seated on a 6,000 square meter property in San Mateo in Rizal Province, an 800 square meter school building was carved out of nearly 10 meters below the mountain. The school site is along the Silangan Barangay Road near the boundary of San Mateo and Marikina City. The place is a one hour straight jeep ride from Cubao, Quezon City.
“With frugal financial spending and assistance from generous sponsors, we were able to acquire the lot and construct the school building.”, Esposa added. He also enumerated the future plans for the school which includes:

  • Construction of Competition Swimming Pool and a Multi-Purpose Covered Court;
  • Adding courses in Hotel and Restaurant Management with the construction of a training building;
  • Cottages and mini-hostel for stay-in or transient guests and students;
  • Establishing special business opportunities for deaf entrepreneurs in Information Technology (IT) by putting up of outsourcing, designing and other related fields.

According to him, this time, students would expect an even better and more quality training because of better and bigger facilities and a highly skilled teachers in their respective areas especially in IT.

To learn how to go to the new site, please go to this link.

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