Download Free Wallpapers Made by Deaf Artists

These are the winning designs made by students during the Adobe Photoshop Wallpaper Design contest held last March 17 as part of the school’s yearly Academic Competition. The contest was administered by Ma’am Dianne Barcelona-Salazar, herself a gold medalist in a national contest and a participant in an international tilt held in Japan in 2007.

The contest rules were as follows: (1) Must be done within 45 minutes; (2) Must be fit as a desktop wallpaper with 1000 x 800 dimension; (3) Must not use any images from the Internet although Photoshop free template designs can be used. The judges were composed of MCCID faculty and staff. The winning designs appear below. These products clearly show how visually creative the deaf people are.

You may download the wallpapers for free. Simply click on the image below. You will be then be brought to Picasa Web Albums page. Right click your mouse and select “Save image as..”. The images may be free to use. However, kindly inform us that you used it by commenting on this page. We would highly appreciate it.

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