Students Visit Companies Anew

As part of their Office Visit subject, the 3rd year graduating class is required to tour different factories and offices that are related to information technology and those that employ deaf people.

This school year, they were able to visit seven companies. Among them are Lamoiyan Corporation, Nestle Philippines, Gardenia Food Corporation, Lucky Me Factory, Panasonic Philippines Inc., GMA Network Center and Malacanang Palace. Five of MCCID alumni work at Lamoiyan, makers of Hapee toothpaste while Emilie Padullon has been with Malacanang Palace since 1998.

“Office Visits” is one of the important subjects in students’ curriculum. Its main objective is for them to experience first-hand how a particular company operates and what work environment surrounds a deaf person. Aside from that, they may have an opportunity to be accepted by those companies that they visited.

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