MCCID Designed Site Won Best Organization Website, the official website of the government’s National Council on Disability Affairs, won in the Association / Organization category of the 4th Digital Filipino Web Awards this year.

MCCID Designed Site Won Best Organization Website

MCCID Designed Site Won Best Organization Website

The Digital Filipino Web Awards were given last Friday, November 13 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati City. It was part of the Digital E-Commerce Summit, which started in Thursday.

This is the first time that the NCDA site won the award given annually by the Club whose members judge the nominations from the public in over 40 categories. The official site was designed by MCCID College of Technology. See related story here.
The NCDA site award was received by Mr. Dandy Victa, Assistant Chief of Technical Cooperation Division. MCCID College of Technology Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr., gave the 5-minute overview of the website. He also focused on the promotion of web accessibility.

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The websites were reviewed and judged “for their ability to create a noticeable presence on the Internet—their ability to be seen and heard among all the noise and clutter of the Net,” said the award body.
The Web Awards aims to advocate the use of Internet and e-commerce for business development, through the identification, promotion and highlighting of best e-commerce practices from various websites in the Philippines,” it said.
Nominations were open from Sept. 19 to Oct. 19.

MCCID Designed Site Won Best Organization Website
The criteria for determining the winners were:
• Search engine readiness—title tags, keywords and page strengths.
• Content/organization—clear purpose, target audience clearly defined, citation of sources whenever used, freshness, originality and accuracy of information.
• Structure and navigation—opening page, content connection and transition, writing and conventions, ease of navigation and link usefulness.
• Design and functionality—overall layout, colors, background and text.
• Technical performance—page loading, browser flexibility and live links.
• Interactivity—audience involvement and overall experience
To view the complete list of awardees, visit the Digital Filipino Web Awards Official Website.

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