MCCID Designs Government Website

MCCID Designs Government Website

After nearly four months of negotiation, the National Council on Disability Affairs, an official government agency tasked to oversee and monitor disability related programs and issues in the Philippines, has finally entrusted MCCID College of Technology to design their official website.

NCDA Chairperson Rosie Lovely Romulo, through the recommendation of Executive Director Geraldine Ruiz, has approved the complete re-designing of their website. In the Memorandum of Agreement signed by both parties, NCDA will pay an undisclosed amount to MCCID College to design the website that must be completed within ninety working days.

NCDA Technical Cooperation Division Chief Rizalio Sanchez reasoned out that they selected MCCID because of their:

  • Proven expertise in the field of web accessibility by participating in various NCDA-NCC led workshops, 3rd recipient of Disabled Friendly Website Award and a member of PWAG and international Guild of Accessible Web Designers (GAWDS);
  • Web designing experience by creating working websites for more than 20 non-government organizations;
  • Long time partnership with NCDA on its numerous activities;
  • Champion deaf web designers;
  • Member of the PWD (Deaf) sector;
  • As a non-profit academic institution

Last April 13, Sir Jojo Esposa Jr., MCCID Training Director presented the Web Development Project Plan to the officials and employees. He also thanked the agency for entrusting MCCID to do the project. He explained that the proceeds of the work will go directly to the school’s scholarship fund especially to support deaf students from the provinces. Deaf alumni will be tasked to do the project under the supervision of Sir Ervin Reyes.

National Council on Disability Affairs is the national government agency mandated to formulate policies and coordinate the activities of all agencies, whether public or private, concerning disability issues and concerns. It is formerly an attached agency of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is now under the Office of the Philippine President.

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