MCCID joins Workshop in Thailand
MCCID College Trainor Sir Edmond Guzman Jr. of Tiaong, Quezon and MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr. attended the ten-day Regional Workshop on Accessible Web-based Information Networking in Bangkok, Thailand sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) from September 1 – 11, 2009.

Aside from the two, three other members from the Philippine Team include Mr. Dandy Victa and Mr. Reginaldo Tolentino of Technical Cooperation Division of the National Council on Disability Affairs and Ms. Marlene Mariano from Association of PWDs in Makati City. The team were the largest delegation.
APCD associate organizations from Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand also participated in the workshop. All expenses were paid by the organizers.

During the workshop, the participants were able to understand the concept of information accessibility for PWDs, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Disability Equality, Concept Information Accessibility for PWDs, Concept of Information Networking,
Assistive Devices for Information Accessibility and Information Networking (Disability Focus).

Hands-on training on Joomla Content Management System with focus on W3C/ WAI on different disability (visual, hearing, learning, etc), Accessible Content by CMS were also conducted. Each participant was able to create their own dummy websites which were presented and evaluated by APCD and NECTEC resource persons.

MCCID joins Workshop in Thailand

One highlight of the event was the NECTEC presentation where the Philippines showed a strong performance among Asian countries and fared well even from other developed countries. This was according to a study made by the University of Worshester Faculty of Computing, UK in 2007. The study was based on the Global E-government Web Accessibility, an Empirical Examination among EU, Asian and African Sites by Ms. Joanne Kuzma.

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