MCCID, now 15 years and counting

MCCID, now 15 years and counting

Fifteen years ago in 1993, two young Christian computer professionals, one hearing and one deaf, dreamed of an educational institution that can concentrate on the needs of the deaf through the use of computers. This field of work is fitted to them because it needs minimal supervision and communication skills.

Fifteen years later, MCCID is now a well established organization in the field of computer education for the deaf that is recognized both here and abroad. Although we may not claim that we are the first post secondary school for the deaf in the Philippines, still we are one of the pioneers in computer and technical education. We also take pride in providing access to job opportunities for our qualified deaf graduates.

MCCID is a non-sectarian, post-secondary, Christian foundation school for the deaf in the Philippines. It has trained and graduated more than 250 Filipino deaf since 1993. Noteworthy alumni received Presidential awards as well as international accolades and participations.

MCCID has also capitalized on the huge popularity and success of the Internet by being the first school to add courses on web page designing, Flash animation and digital photography. It is the first institution for the deaf that went online in 1997. Its graduate won an international award in Web Page Designing in 2003. Its website is the first recipient of “Disabled Friendly Website Award” for being accessible to Persons with Disabilities.

MCCID is also the first advocate of Web accessibility among deaf organizations in 2004 and the first institute that published a book on Web Accessibility. MCCID’s students were able to design websites for Filipino foundations free of charge.

Among significant MCCID contributions to the field of Philippine deaf education are:

  1. Became the first technical school for the deaf recognized in the Philippines;
  2. Offering the first sign language course approved by the government;
  3. Including Deaf culture as part of the curriculum;
  4. Strongly promoting the use and propagation of Filipino Sign Language as part of the fourth wave including documentation of FSL in technical terms;
  5. Advocating and teaching closed captions on videos played on the Internet;
  6. Strengthening IT programs by participating in national and international skills competitions, and
  7. Submitting Deaf students to government’s competency certification examinations in IT.

MCCID expects better things and bigger blessings to come as it reaches more milestones. We believe that the Deaf can do many things if given the right opportunity. To Christ be the glory!

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