MCCID Celebrates 15th Founding Day


Drama, comedy, masquerade and fun filled activity commemorated MCCID\’s 15th Founding Anniversary last October 17, 2008 at Town and Country Hotel.

Each year level were divided into three groups. Each of them presented their comedy skits and dramatization of deaf culture. Winners received medals and special recognitions. They were judged according to the clarity of their theme, full participation of each member, props and special effects and audience impact. The members of the Board of Judges include Sir Oscar Purificacion, Sir Jefferson Cortez and Ms. Emilie Padullon. The presentation of second year students will be included in the final grades of their Deaf Culture subject while each comedy skit was evaluated by the judges from among the three selections; \”Very Good\”, \”Good\” and \”Fair\”.


The school administration was pleasantly surprised when the student organization donated a special large Gold-colored Sign Language Alphabet cased with a matching frame. The sign language frame was specially crafted by Ericson Guillermo. The group also gave a special collage of class photos printed in a huge white tarpaulin courtesy of Emil Zion Punzalan\’s Fotoseszion Studio. Zion is also the event\’s official photographer.


For his part, Sir Jojo Esposa, MCCID Training Director, accepted the gifts and thanked the student organization in behalf of the school administration. The two items are already displayed on the school\’s lobby replacing the old styrofoam A-B-C Sign Language Board.
Group directors pose together with the judges and administrators.

The celebration ended with a feast of Filipino dishes with which everybody was completely satisfied.

In a separate activity, Mrs. Remedios Esposa, MCCID Registrar presented special Certificates of Recognition to the directors and overall leaders of the group last Wednesday, October 22 at MCCID Lecture Hall. She also gave each of them I-L-Y keychains and congratulated them for the remarkable efforts they did during the foundation day celebration.

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  • maricar December 14, 2008 at 6:27 pm -

    hi mccid
    that is nice logo school
    im really proud of my school and good course
    my favorite teacher are Ms. Salazar, Mr. Reyes, and Mr. Cortez.
    they are good teach and advice from me.
    take care always

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