2nd Year Arts Class Tour Corregidor Island

As part of their Visual Idea Development subject, second year Diploma in Arts and Computer Design class visited the world famous Corregidor Island last October 23.

Previous classes usually hold their special tours within Metro Manila. This time, they had an opportunity of traveling to an island famous for its old ruins and World War history. They were able to appreciate the richness of Philippine past and how the Filipinos fought side by side with the Americans against the Japanese oppressors. Aside from that, students and faculty was also able to experience some ghost sightings during their trip.

Visual Idea Development Subject is an introductory course for arts and computer design students. It is in this subject where students learn to understand the variety of colors, textures, backgrounds, shades, balance and other basic principles of good design. On the last part, they will be brought to a particular place where they will use their cameras to capture special moments, situations and scenes following a pre-announced topic. Their outputs will then be printed and judged by selected professional artists. The result form part of their final examination.

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