We are now MCCID College of Technology

We are now MCCID College of Technology

After months of processing important papers and documents, the Philippine government through the Securities and Exchange Commission finally approved the registration of the school last November 4, 2008 and now officially named MCCID College of Technology, Inc.

The change was necessary in order for the school to open four year bachelor’s degree programs and at the same time maintain its status as the only technical college for the deaf in the Philippines. Currently, the school offers three-year diploma courses in Arts and Computer Design Technology and Business Technology as well as one-year Certificate program in Sign Language and Computer Software Operations. All present courses are approved by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

We are now MCCID College of Technology
With this development, the school will now be under the supervision of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as per approval of its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. However, MCCID College stays with TESDA for its three-year and below technical courses.

Together with the change of its name is the transformation of its logo. The circular gear symbol is retained and so with the official blue and white colors. The content of the circle is now composed of the Bible – God is source of our knowledge; Torch – Symbol of education; Rays – Spreading knowledge to everyone; Computer/Atom – Technology and other courses; LY Sign – Focus on the Deaf and Circle Gear – Symbol of unity.
We are now MCCID College of Technology
The school’s slogan has also undergone a change in line with the symbols on the logo and the new corporate image it projects. From “School of top deaf graduates in the Philippines“, its new catchphrase is “God, Education, Technology, Life“.

With GOD as the source of all knowledge, we draw EDUCATION from the Almighty. These good values and practices will now be incorporated into the latest TECHNOLOGIES and skills. All of these will be useful to the deaf student as he equip himself into facing the challenges of LIFE ahead.

In line with these developments, MCCID’s official website is also undergoing a major face lift. Ervin Reyes, MCCID College’s Deaf Coordinator and lead web designer assured the public that the change will be in line with the school’s policy of promoting web accessibility, search engine optimized and following the latest Web 2.0 trend. Expect continuous updating of content and news articles as well as maintaining files related to deaf concerns and contact information within the country.

We are now MCCID College of Technology
Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (MCCID) has been in existence since 1993. It has grown from a foundation offering one-year short term computer courses for the deaf when it started its operation in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Fifteen years and more than 250 graduates later, the school is now one of the country’s leading institution in deaf education recognized both here and abroad.

All of these are for the glory of Christ whom we all serve and praise“, thus said MCCID College of Technology President Mr. Remberto Esposa.

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