October 30 Comic Strip

October 30 Comic Strip


  1. 1st Frame: Aldrin and Dianne visited a fastfood restaurant. The cashier gladly introduced their specialty for the day. She said, "Good Morning! Welcome to Bluewich Pizza. Our special for the day……" Aldrin and Dianne had question marks on their head.
  2. 2nd Frame: Then, Aldrin grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something. The carhier was quizzical.
  3. 3rd Frame: The lady was scratching her head. She said to herself, "Nubayan! Napagod lang ako ka-eexplain. Two softdrinks lang pala oorderin nila. Hay buhay!"

Explanation: It is worthless to explain something to a person who can’t hear. It is also a predicament for a deaf since he may not know better things other people offer.

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