PRID honors MCCID Director


MCCID\’s Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr., a PRID alumna, received a plaque of recognition in behalf of MCCID for continuing the programs of PRID by opening up a sign language training center.

The award was given during the 35th Anniversary of Philippine Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf which was celebrated last October 13,2013 at PSD Grounds. Sir Jojo took his basic sign language course at PRID in 1992. He continued his training while at the same time establishing Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf. He finished the course in 1995.

Sir Jojo received the award together with Sir Jun Celada of Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment (PAIDE). MCCID offers a one-year Certificate in Sign Language and Interpreting course.

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