Sports Fest 2010 Kicks Off

On its eleventh year, MCCID College opened Sports Fest 2010 in a festive ceremony held at the Lutheran Church Compound in Sta. Mesa, Manila last Saturday, February 6 attended by more than 150 people.

Participating for the first time is the eight-man deaf team of MCCID College Quezon branch headed by their Coordinator Ma’am Loida Alvarez together with Sir Edmond Guzman and Sir Mamerto Cortez. More than 30 former students attended this “invitation only” event, another first in the entire history of this friendly sporting event.

A total of five teams were formed: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White (Quezon Branch). Student organizations wore violet t-shirts while the MCCID Faculty used dark green. More than 100 students and alumni will participate in every sports event. All teams will be competing in Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Dart and Scrabble events every Saturday up to March 27. A cheering exhibition was also held for the second time. Each team showcased their cheerdancing talents. Awarding ceremony will be tentatively held on April 8, 2010. Sir Jerome Marzan, Physical Education Trainor, leads the activities.

You can keep tab on the latest scores of each team by viewing the right column of this web page. The winning scores are updated weekly.

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