Students Share Toys to Disabled, Poor Kids

With the goal of spreading cheers to children this Yuletide Season, the MCCID College of Technology decided to hold a Share-A-Toy for Disabled Children of Tiaong, Quezon and Indigent Pupils of Buntong Palay Day Care Center in Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal.

Each MCCID student donated toys for every child assigned to him/her. The school, for its counterpart, gave fruits, chocolates, candies and other expenses. A total of 110 children received toys and other gifts. Two separate deaf student groups were given the opportunity to give the toys.

MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa and Deaf Coordinator Ervin Reyes led the team composed of Deaf Trainors’
Jerome Marzan and Edmond Guzman Jr., MCCID Student President Lucky McGill Paltep, Andrew Calaycay Jr., Owen Domagtoy and Kurt Patrick Galicha went to Tiaong, Quezon in December 21. A special program was held wherein MCCID Tiaong Branch students gave their dance and other numbers. Bethsaida Director Ptr. Ben Hugo and Teacher Loida Alvarez welcomed the group. More than 35 disabled kids received the toys.

For the San Mateo gift-giving program, MCCID Registrar Remedios Esposa, Sir Jojo, Sir Ervin and Owen led the group together with Student Leaders’ Joanna Teves, Jepa Kerena Basilio, Mark Angelo Reyes and the Esposa kids Mariegin, Patricia and Regina Mae distributed the toys and fruits on December 22. Teacher Gina Ballatan of B Palay Day Care Center assisted the group. Over 70 pupils received the toys and fruits.

Ma’am Esposa, School Registrar hoped that this share-a-toy program would be an annual event for MCCID. She thanked and gave blessings to all the students who participated in this activity.

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