Competition 2007 Winners Awarded

A total of 92 medals, four trophies including one 4 ft. tall trophy donated by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo were distributed during the 9th Annual Awarding Ceremony held last April 9, at MCCID Lecture Hall.

Twenty seven medals were awarded to various academic competitions held. 65 gold sports medals were also awarded to those who won in different sporting events like basketball, volleyball, darts, chess, scrabble and badminton. Glass trophies were also awarded to the Most Valuable Players of both basketball and volleyball for boys and girls division.

To add an even more exciting event, the Cake & Fruit Raffle draw was held. Three major prizes: Black Forest Cake with 1 doz. apples for the first prize, Mango Cake with 1 kl. grapes for 2nd prize and Chocolate Cake with 1 dozen ponkan were raffled off as well as eight consolation prizes of apples and ponkans.

Held during April of each year, this culminating activity is very much awaited by MCCID students. It is in this day that their efforts in competing physically and intellectually are being rewarded.

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