Disabled Friendly Website Awards 2009


This year\’s \”Disabled Friendly Website Awards\” were held last July 10 at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) as part of the very first Philippine Web Design Conference spearheaded by the newly formed Philippine Web Designers Organization (PWDO).


The Philippine Web Accessibility Group through its president and MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa and the National Council on Disability Affairs presented the plaques of appreciation to the following recipients:

  1. www.philcecnet.ph – Official Philippine E-center Community Portal of the National Computer Center represented by Ms. Eloisa San Mateo (Government)
  2. www.blinding-light.com – Personal Website of Ms.Miko Reznor (Anna Monica Esguerra)
  3. www.lilianefoundationphil.org – Official Website of Liliane Foundation Philippines represented by Sis. Agnetia Naval, National Coordinator (Non-government Organization)
  4. webstandards.raquedan.com – Web Standards Website of Regnard Raquedan (Personal Website)



They all received a plaque of appreciation courtesy of the NCDA. Incidentally, the official website of Liliane Foundation Philippines was designed by an MCCID alumnus Kerwin Tamanu. He also currently works in that organization.

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    I am thinking for Hazel Ann. She name is Hazel Ann. Where is Hazel Ann?
    I am from Pakistan. What do you in the everyday? please reply soon

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