Love, Deaf and the Bible

“Love, Deaf and The Bible” is this year’s theme given by MCCID Training Director Sir Jojo Esposa Jr. during the 12th Annual Valentine’s Day program held at MCCID Lecture Hall last February 20.

Attended by students, faculty and staff, this fun filled yearly activity gives an opportunity for the school to share God’s principles about love and relationships. Sir Jojo presented a short lecture about his observations on some of the Filipino deaf’s ideas about relationships and what the Bible says.

This year’s activity introduced new games and activities. Aside from that, special gifts were presented to February Birthday Celebrants Ma’am Charmagne Gaspar, MCCID Faculty (February 19) and Ma’am Remedios Esposa, School Registrar (February 13). Lucky McGill Paltep and Jasmine Bundalian won Valentine Dressed Couple while Jennyfer Cahilig received the cash prize of P2,000 for winning the Best Filipino Sign Language Font.

Third year students showed their video presentations entitled “Hot Chick” (Lucky’s Group) and “Saksak, Life Story of Eleazar Fancubit. The second year student is this year’s overall in-charge of the event led by Joanna Teves.

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