MCCID Deaf Teacher Lectures in ICT Writeshop

MCCID Deaf Instructor Moises Libot lectures about Deaf and ICT.

MCCID College represented by Deaf Instructor Moises Libot, participates in “Writeshop Workshop on Accessible ICT for Persons with Disabilities” from February 9-11, 2016 held at Mimosa Leisure Park in Clark Field, Pampanga.

On the first day, Sir Moises’ lecture is entitled “Deaf and ICT”. It’s about the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing in accessing information through the internet as well as its benefits in leveling the playing field in between them and the hearing community. He also enumerated the various ICT related jobs where the deaf currently works. He was voiced by MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa Jr, who also represented the Philippine Web Accessibility Group (PWAG).

He also represented the Filipino Deaf community in the deliberation of the draft circular. He made a significant contribution on the use of Filipino Sign Language and inset interpreting of news broadcasts on the government owned television station.

Breakaway groups follow after the introductions with MCCID joined in employment group.

This activity aims to craft a second Joint Circular Memorandum of DOST-ICT Office and National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) on Information and Communications Technology. The three-day event was facilitated by Ms. Moira Enerva, a Public Information Associate working on the new Access to Information Policy of the World Bank.

Aside from DOST-ICTO and NCDA, other government agencies that made a representation include the Department of Trade and Industry, TESDA, Department of Education, National Library and Department of Social Welfare and Development. Disabled Peoples Organization members who participated include Resources for the Blind, Philippine Blind Union and ATRIEV.

On the final day consolidation of all the inputs of different government agencies and PWD groups were made including with the inclusion of use of video relay services for the deaf, use of audio controls for hearing aids, interpreted online application of government forms and promoting the use of Filipino Sign Language.

The draft Joint Circular tackles the relation of ICT and its assistance to access basic health care, employment, information dissemination, education and social services. After the writeshop activity, it will then be presented for consultation to various targeted government agencies and requests for their comments and suggestions. The final document will then be submitted to the department secretaries of DOST and DSWD for signature.

MCCID video created by Sir Moises was used for the Philippine National Anthem.

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