MCCID joins in Korean Medical Mission

MCCID joins in Korean Medical Mission

A total of 50 MCCID students and faculty participated in the whole-day annual Korean Medical and Dental Mission organized by the Alpha & Omega Deaf Bible Academy last Saturday, June 19, 2008.

Rev. Seung Ho Kang, a Deaf pastor based in the Philippines, again invited his friend and top Korean professional Dr. Tae-Hee Lee to visit the country and conduct free Medical and Dental Mission. He led the team of Korean volunteers as well as Filipino dentist and Deaf church members to administer the activity. The event took place at the church site in Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Quezon City.

MCCID joins in Korean Medical Mission

More than 150 deaf adults benefitted from this program, more than double in attendance last year. Free tooth extraction were given by Filipino dentists while vitamins and health medicines made in Korea were distributed to the patients. The short lecture about types of diseases were given by Dr. Tae-Hee in the afternoon.

Ptr. Nehemiah Cortez was one of the assistants. Ms. Bethsaida interprets for the activity and were assisted by Sirs’ Jojo Esposa and Jefferson Cortez. The event was truly successful and deaf beneficiaries hoped that they continue with their service every year.

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