MCCID Director Selected DepEd Evaluator

As part of the Department of Education’s thrust in providing variety of learning instruments to meet the student’s goal of quality education, it conducted a live-in Level 2 Content Evaluation Workshop of Multi-media Instructional Materials from May 31 to June 6,2008 at Marikina Hotel, Marikina City.

In recognition of their expertise in deaf education, Sir Jojo Esposa was selected together with Teacher Lyn Balana of Philippine School for the Deaf to evaluate more than 45 titles mostly in sign language and values education.

Educational experts from various fields of studies (Mathematics, Science, English, etc) came from different regions were selected to participate in this activity. They also invited professional educators from prominent Philippine academe like University of the Philippines and Dela Salle University. More than 800 interactive multimedia software titles were submitted by various publishing companies mostly from the United States were divided into subjects. They were then given to a pair of professional evaluators to be scrutinized on its content, relation to the subject matter, errors in information, interactivity and aesthetics.

After the evaluation, it is expected that the approved materials will be bought by the government and will be distributed to more than 37,000 public elementary and 5,000 public high schools in the country as part of their class activities.

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