MCCID now Monde Nissin\’s Academic Partner

MCCID College of Technology is now the official academic and training partner of Monde Nissin Corporation, the Philippine\’s largest noodle and biscuit company.



In a special Christmas Thanksgiving Party for institutional partners held last December 14, MCCID College was introduced together with other well-known universities in the country. Monde Nissin hosts informed the rest of the participants about the successful program they conducted in partnership with MCCID like sign language training and the hiring of deaf graduates in their production units. MCCID is the only institutional partner which caters to Persons With Disabilities.


Also in this event, Monde Nissin launched its \”Shaping a Heart to Serve: Thanksgiving and Learning Session\” program. Well-known Christian Pastor and motivator LA Mumar gave an encouraging lecture on the importance of using your God-given talent to serve other people. Under the program, Monde Nissin will conduct whole-day Work Behavioral program to partner schools. MCCID plans to avail of this service this school year. Monde Nissin also disclosed that after upgrading three MCCID deaf into regular positions in 2011, they will again hire 2nd batch of deaf workers this 2012.

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  • Vang Chou October 1, 2013 at 6:41 pm -

    This message if for the director of MCCID, Jojo (Jon)

    I am Vang Chou, or Txawj Tsu Vaaj, if you still read Hmong. The picture of the MCCID here looks like you and I am positive you are Jon, my best friend in the Refugee Camp, Ban Vinai. Although, the name is not for the person I know. It might be you Filipino name.

    My family and I are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, very close to the Hmong village we visited long time ago.

    After 20 years serving as pastor in the USA, we are called to work with national church leaders in Southeast Asia in the areas of leadership training and discipleship.

    Please if you not, Jon, do you know him. The name I know is Jonathan Tusalem.

    Cher Chou Vang (Vang Chou)

  • jojomccid October 14, 2013 at 12:44 am -

    Good day! I am not Jonathan Tusalem but I personally know Mr. Tusalem. However, I don’t know his whereabouts now. Last time I heard from him was he was teaching in Quezon Province. I can inform you if I will hear from him. Thanks.

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