MCCID Supports Discrimination Case against BI Official

MCCID will completely support the case against the Bureau of Immigration Officer Raul Medina should the family of Deaf Franklin Corpuz decides for file a discrimination case.

This developed as MCCID Training Director Jojo Esposa volunteered to interpret for Franklin when he was interviewed exclusively by ABS-CBN from October 4 to 6 aired at TV Patrol World and Bandila. He also accompanied Frank together with his wife Philippine Federation of the Deaf President Racquel Estiller-Corpuz and Support and Empowerment for Abused Deaf Children Coordinator Mrs. Liwanag Caldito when he was again subjected to immigration screening before he was finally allowed to board the plane on October 6 enroute to Qatar for a business training.

Here is the video of Bandila News with English sub-title shown in October 4.

Franklin Corpuz was a former MCCID student, batch 2. He currently works in a bakeshop and hotel in Baguio City. He is expected to return to the country on October 27.
Read Sir Jojo’s blog post about his first hand account on the incident. You may also view the video explanation in sign language of Frank’s wife, also with English subtitle.

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