Monde Nissin hires MCCID grads

Good news! Monde Nissin Corporation, makers of popular food brands like Lucky Me, Fita and Bingo cookies, recently accepted seven MCCID graduates as production workers.
Monde Nissin hires MCCID grads
After conducting sign language training to their current workers, Monde Nissin decides to pursue their plan of hiring deaf workers in their company.
Monde Nissin hires MCCID grads
The Human Resource Department Team composed of Ms. Nilda Villa and Ms. Lara Bombasey conducted preliminary evaluation to MCCID alumni last March 11, 2011 at the new MCCID building in San Mateo, Rizal. Four out of twelve applicants were accepted. These were Irene Dagos, Andrew Calaycay Jr., Crystal Gayle Sayon and Kristianne Rose Javier.
Subsequent evaluations were made at Monde Nissin Plant Office in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. Additional passers were Kristel Daine Orteza, Abegail Brazil, Edward Romasanta,John Paul De Ocampo and Donna Vee Diwa bringing a total of ten.
The deaf are expected to start their work in May, 2011 after completing their job requirements.

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