DFA Hires Three More MCCID Graduates

<img src=”https://www.mccid.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dfarenato.jpg” alt=”Renato Moran at work” title=”Renato Moran at work” class=”center” />

<p>MCCID Batch 2006 graduates and TESDA Scholars’ Rumijae Bubon, Emmanuel Cruz and Nonito Visagar Jr. were the latest Deaf encoders hired by the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).</p>

<p>Rumijae is placed in the Passport Division while Emmanuel and Nonito are both assigned in the DFA branch office in Philippine International Convention Center. The three started working in June 2008. This brings to a total of six MCCID graduates who are employed out of 13 deaf persons trained by Nova Foundation for the Differently Abled. The rest came from other schools.</p>

<p>The other deaf previously hired since November 2007 include Renato Moran Jr., Rona May Delos Reyes- Savares and Ma. Teresa Vicente. Renato and Rona May are under the Passport Division while Ma. Teresa is positioned at the Courtesy Lane Department.</p>

<img src=”https://www.mccid.edu.ph/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dfaronamay.jpg” alt=”Rona May assisting a passport applicant” title=”Rona May (third from left) assists a passport applicant” class=”alignright” />

<p>Hiring more personnel was necessary due to the requirement of DFA for additional manpower in their consular services particularly their passport division. Starting last year, all passports to be issued by DFA will be machine readable which will bear the data about its holder.</p>

<p>MCCID has been a faithful partner of Nova Foundation since 1996. After the student graduates, they are given further training in corporate setting by Nova Foundation. Once they pass their standards, they provide them with job placements both in the foundation and in other companies. Some noted MCCID and Nova trained deaf persons include Marlyn Pio (Head Proofreader/Encoder), Lezzer Gonzales (PC technician) and Gimar Aguillon (web designer).</p>

<p>To know more about Nova Foundation, visit their <a href=”http://www.novafoundation.ph”>official website</a> and for Department of Foreign Affairs, go to their <a href=”http://www.dfa.gov.ph”>Official Website</a>.</p>

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