MCCID Trains NGO in IT

MCCID Trains NGO in IT

MCCID College of Technology was able to get a contract to train selected members of KASAMAKA Community Based Rehabilitation Organization of Makati City in information technology related programs.

Under the contract, MCCID College will conduct Information Technology training for Persons With Disabilities of Makati City for three courses; Database Management Through MS Access, Basic Accounting Using MS Excel and Basic Web Design Using HTML. The training started last Saturday, April 17 and will continue up to July 2010.

KASAMAKA CBR through their Managing Officer Gerry Mariano, requested MCCID to provide IT training to members of their organization to enhance their computer skills. They hoped that the additional skills that they learned will better equip them in performing common clerical tasks within their respective offices and barangays. They were able to push through with the training because of the financial assistance from Christian Blind Mission (CBM), one of their active funding agencies and continuously support their programs.

MCCID Trains NGO in IT

MCCID has assigned Joanna Teves, a hard of hearing student of MCCID, to conduct the training. She is expected to sign and talk at the same time. This was requested by the organization in order for them to brush up their sign language skills. She will be assisted by another deaf alumni, Ace Diaz.
A total of 10 members are expected to complete the programs. Aside from the trainor, MCCID provided the training materials and training certificates. For their part, KASAMAKA CBR provided the trainees, venue and computers that will be used.

MCCID College is also negotiating for the design and development of their official website which will be assigned to one of the freelance deaf web designers.

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